Toyhauler Photos & FAQ

Toyhauler Renovation- A look inside Autumn Bailey's toyhauler remodel

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a minute or five since I have posted anything on my blog, i’d blame it on being a hell of a year and that’s only 75% true. I’m also a little lazy. But I’ve felt a push for a while now to refocus and put some energy into things I’m passionate about that’s just for me. So scroll on if you’re just here for the pix, here’s a little re-intro and background on our family, and our renovation!

So were the Bailey’s ,  I’m Autumn, my husband, Rusty, and our sons Bear(3) and Oak(1) and our newest member Sunny! We are from the mountains in Northern California. We got started in this lifestyle because my husbands line of work requires him to travel around the US for short or long periods of time, he’s primarily been sent to breweries and distilleries and process plants. About 4 weeks after we had Bear, in Feb 2016, Rusty got a call during his family leave that his next job would be at Stone Brewing in Richmond VA. so we pretty much decided to up and buy a trailer and haul across the country that week, hell no was I staying in CA raising a baby alone if I had the opportunity to travel with him and raise our family together!

Toyhauler Renovation-AsphaltGypsy

That was 3 years ago, and we’ve been traveling in our toyhauler ever since! At the end of the first year we decided the current design of the hauler just wasn’t gonna cut it, we(I) needed to change it up and make it our own especially if it was gonna be our home for the next 5+ years. so we remodeled.

Toyhauler Renovation-AsphaltGypsy

The original layout was pretty standard, master bed, one bath, living room kitchen dining in the same space, then garage. we decided to gut the original master bedroom and make that into our kids room, so they could have their own space, and more importantly, I could have mine… and we transformed the garage into our room!

Toyhauler Renovation-AsphaltGypsy

A couple of my favorite design and decor elements in our trailer is probably all the pops of black I got to incorporate! luckily all our appliances were black, and we switched our stainless steel sink and faucet for this matte black composite sink and this gorgeous industrial matte black faucet!

Toyhauler Renovation- Kitchen Slide

Also my incredibly talented sister painted our bathroom door for us and its one of my favorite parts, its a kickass picture that pretty much culminates our childhood in the sierras, think bowls and bowls of morels and spending our days at crystal peak or mining for gold at my fathers claim.

Toyhauler Renovation- Bathroom

another one of my favorite parts is all different textures of wood we got to utilize.

Toyhauler Renovation-Master Bedroom Turned Toddler Room

From the boys’ diy herringbone door to the wooden slide trim I added, and my new absolute fave, all of the Plank & Mill accent wood planks we added to the doors and the living room slide!

As our space has transformed and we’ve gotten to live in it, I’ve slowly added things that make it even more homey to me. I worked with Plank & Mill to create these amazing accent walls! Since day one living in this tiny home I wanted to add more wood planks, but I was a little scared it would be ‘too much’ for a little space, I made that mistake a lot when we remodeled. Now, I go with my gut. If I love it then who cares right? It makes the space soooo much more cozy in my opinion.  My post on Friday is all about the updated wooden plank walls and how I completed them and how amazing they turned out!


It’s been so fun connecting with so many of you through Instagram, and Pinterest, and whatever other social app brought you here! I’ve met so many people who live on the road like us, or who are just interested in what we do or want to know how to take the plunge into tiny living! We get a lot of the same questions, that I don’t mind answering, but its great to have them all in one space so I compiled a list of the ten most Frequently Asked Questions we get for your reading (dis)pleasure;

  • What does your husband do for work?

Rusty is a welder, he’s worked on a lot of breweries and distilleries and process plants doing pipe work. We’ve been super lucky to travel with him to fun places and, a perk, get some really good beer out of the deal.

  • Why a toyhauler? What model?

Keystone Fuzion 416; and we picked a toyhauler because we haul our Subaru Forester in the garage so we can travel in the same vehicle. We’ve gone cross-country 4 times, and had many long hauls where I could not imagine being stuck inside a vehicle with my three kids without extra help, enough said.

  • How much did your renovation cost?

We spent ballpark 6-7k on our remodel.

  • Why did you switch bedrooms?

We switched into the garage because that room is the hardest to keep warm/cool. Our kids are young enough where they can’t regulate body temps as easy as us, we can control the temp in the master bedroom so we never have to worry if they are too cold, or too hot. Also because the garage has a door to the outside, and I don’t know if any of you have little explorers on your hands but Bear is a fucking Houdini. If there is a way outside he will find it and he will not give any fucks if you’re asleep or not paying attention or if you say no. so yeah, no bueno.

  • What is your mail situation?

We have a mailbox at a local-to-our-home-base mail forwarding center. When we are around Lake Tahoe we just pick our mail up from them, and we can have them forward it anywhere if we leave.

  • Do you save money?

Short answer: Not really. We didn’t start this journey to save money, or get out of debt. We did it to travel as a family. It’s totally possible to save money, but we don’t get to pick where we get sent, a lot of the time its places that aren’t cheap. And we bought our trailer brand new, that wasn’t cheap either.

  • Is it easy to boondock?

YES! Toyhaulers make it so easy to camp off the grid. Most come with generators, fresh water tanks, and grey water tanks. Ours has a 120 gallon fresh water tank, two 80 gallon grey tanks and a 100 gallon black tank. For us, we would take the trailer to a local dump station every week to dump the black tank.

  • Is it hard living in the snow?

NO. I’ll say it again for the people in the back: NO!! Its easier living in the snow than it is in the heat. It may be expensive, you may go through propane like it’s no ones business. But you can ALWAYS add a blanket. When its hot you can only strip down so much, then (apparently) it’s a little awkward for your neighbors. We’ve lived in this trailer in the hundreds and the negatives and I would take the cold ANY DAY.

  • Best advice for transitioning into a small space?

Get rid of half of what you own, then get rid of half of what you keep, then you will probably have enough of what you need.

  • Where do you park at night on the road?

Everwhere. We’ve parked at truckstops, casino parking lots, Cracker Barrel(our fave for obvious reasons) Walmart, rest stops, the occasional KOA to dump our tanks.

Toyhauler Renovation- Garage Turned Master Bedroom

Thank you guys for reading, leave me a comment if you have any more questions and be sure to check back in on Friday, when I post my collab with Plank & Mill!

12 responses to “Toyhauler Photos & FAQ”

  1. I’ve always wondered how your layout was. Thanks for the post. This totally inspires me to dream BIG or small in this case. I think this is our year for adventure!


  2. Hey girl! I am not on social media any more (4 kids NO time for that shit!) But I was pinteresting ideas for toy haulers (we finally bought an older one recently!!!) Woop woop! And what do you know I ran into A LOT of your remodel!!!! So I thought I’d drop by and say heeeeey! I hope all is well for you, it looks peachy♡ maybe when you sre back in nevada county we could hang. E-mail me.


    • Evvvvvvvvva good to hear from you! Sorry I just got this comment my blog has been weird the last few months. Haha Pinterest is a small world sometimes I’m glad you found me! So stoked for you getting a trailer! How fun! It’s been wild the last few years, but we’re all doing great! Hope everything is going good for you too, email me so I get your message lol 💛


  3. […] Autumn and Rusty Bailey renovated a brand new Keystone toy hauler to turn it into a home for them and their young children (two of which were born while the family was living in the RV) so they could all stay together when Rusty needed to relocate for work.  You can see more photos of their inventive use of space and beautiful decor on their Instagram page, and you can read about the family on Autumn’s website. […]


  4. How easy of a transition is it for the garage to go back to being a garage when you travel, with all the renovations you’ve done? We currently have a camper that we got because being stationed in San Diego is so expensive, so it saves us money. We recently found our dream plot of 160 acres we want to retire on and it’s looking like I may lose the fight to move into a house or apartment when we have kids because we want to purchase this land and would need to continue tiny living while paying it off. I refuse to have a child live in the garage portion of a toy hauler but I honestly never thought of switching it up and making the master the kids room. Thanks in advance!


    • One other option is a two bedroom 5thwheeler or a two bedroom travel trailer. The switching bedrooms to give kids the master bed is genius and a french window in the garage area overlooking heaven landscape for mom/dad is not bad at all…


  5. […] This next RV is one I’ve previously shared on this site, in my article about Boho-style RV renovations.  It’s home to Autumn Bailey, her husband and their small children.  They turned the RV’s main bedroom into a kids’ room and converted the garage into a beautiful master bedroom and living area with a drop-down bed.  You can see more photos of their RV interior here. […]


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