Hi all! I know I showed a little snippet of our Plank & Mill accent walls and doors this week but I wanted to give a better glimpse into the project and the finished look of it all because it was such a fun process and I LOVE how it turned out!

I was born in the woods in North San Juan, and we now call Truckee our home base. If you have ever been to either you’d know that every other house is either a cabin or an aframe and even the modern architecture here often incorperates loads of reclaimed wood and metal throughout the space. Apparently aframes and cabins have recently come back in style which is news to me, and also means my tastes have been out of style my whole life *insert a ‘ meh, what can you do’ face*  Maybe its just cause I was raised in houses surrounded by a bunch of old raw(also rotting) wood holding everything together, but ‘reclaimed’ wood has always been my style, its always felt like home to me.

I knew I wanted real wood accents throughout our trailer before we started renovating, but initially I was worried it would be ‘too much’ for a little space.

Yeah, it’s not.

We distressed a lot of the wood you see in our trailer, just because the price tag associated with the size of wood we needed was too high for us, and while I’m happy with everything how it is, it’s hard to beat authentic barnwood.

So Plank & Mill and I teamed up to tackle both doors and the slide out walls! A semi big feat considering I was 34 weeks pregnant and Rusty was gone most days at work when we started this project, but you know us, we like to live life on the edge and ya know with the busiest month in the year why not take on another huge project.

So after thoroughly wiping the areas the adhesive would stick to, we started with both doors, measured and cut the 5″ wide reclaimed barn wood planks to length using a small handsaw and made sure it fit before we took the adhesive backing off( v important guys, check and recheck measurements) , took the adhesive cover off and stuck it firmly to the door, pressing my hands on it for 15 seconds to secure it.

Next we tackled the walls, this was a little harder because our pop outs aren’t square(is anything in a trailer..?) and our windows are curved. So cutting the wood with a regular handheld saw wouldn’t do. We made a template of the sides of the window and drew it out on each piece and used a coping saw to cut it. Measuring twice, cut once(can’t stress enough)

All in the all it took about a couple days to complete all 80 sq feet accompanied by two rugrats and complete with Taco Bell breaks obv.

It’s so fun to see the transitions of a space over time. I’d say the biggest was our original remodel but we’ve put a lot of hours and miles into living in this space and making it our own over time. It seemed stiff when we first moved back into it post-remodel. It feels more authentic to us now that we’ve been able to add our own touches to it.

We are so happy with how the reclaimed wood makes this space

I love that Plank & Mill has competitive pricing and still offers excellent quality. Not all trailer renovations were created equal, I can attest to costs being higher than I’d like when remodeling, so it’s nice to see brands out there that can be nice on your wallet while not sacrificing quality.

Check back soon cause I’ll be letting everyone know how they’re holding up!


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