Wasnt yesterday Halloween?? I think I do that every year where this month sneaks up on me even though IM FULLY AWARE it’s coming. But hey, we can’t all be super organized type a’s who have their shit together and buy the kids gifts in the summer time cause there needs to be those hot mess booger on shirt cold coffee in hand rats nest mom bun semi functional procrastinators in the world and HERE I AM BITCHES.

I’ve compiled a list of all the gifts im either A: buying for the kids or B: CONSIDERING buying for the kids or C: telling grandparents to buy for the kids or D: have bought for the kids in the past and HAVE to share because they are THAT good y’all. When looking for gifts to give I don’t necessarily like to buy for a certain age, first off I have no clue whats suitable for every.single.age (my blanket rule that I do know is small parts = babies choking and that’s a hard no) and secondly my boys share all of their toys so I keep that in mind while im browsing. So I’ll stop blabbing now and share all of the things!



Oak loves these! Dont ask me why I have no idea but these have always been a hit for the kids no matter the age, and they are such a great tool for learning to count! Also love Odin Parker, the manufacturer, every purchase on their shop will help provide meals to children in need. When you browse through the website, you will see a number of meals associated with each product. How amazing is that? Click HERE to purchase!

Grimms Wooden Elements

Hands down favorite wooden toy company, we have a couple of the elements and they are SO fun to build and use in conjunction with our other wooden blocks, made with non-toxic waterbased stains. Click HERE to purchase!

Pull-Back Fabric Cars

These have been a fave for a few years now! Soft for young kiddos and fun for all of them to pull back and let go! They also can be taken apart to wash and I love that! Click HERE to buy!

Grimms Rainbow Stacker

Grimms is making a few appearances today you can tell how much I like them, on our list this year is the rainbow OBVS it’s so cute and made with non-toxic water based stains. Click HERE to purchase.

Wooden Fishing Set

I saw this circulate pinterest a few years back and for the life of me I couldn’t find the actual link to buy these but lo and behold! Such a cute non plastic alternative to a fishing set for kiddos. Also made by Odin Parker, whom donates meals to children in need with EACH purchase. Click HERE to purchase!

Sarah’s Play Silks & Clips

Im getting a set of silks for Bear and Sunny but these will for sure be passed around. They are so fun for pretend play and building forts! Click HERE for the silks & HERE for the play clips, an essential for fort building!

Grimms Wooden Peg Dolls

I’ve been on the hunt for some minimal dolls to get the boys for their pretend play and I’m so excited to get these! Made by my favorite wooden toy company, love the quality and they are made with non-toxic water based stains. Click HERE to purchase.

Soccer Ball

Bear has so much interested in sports these days so this one is a must! Its budget friendly and he is going to FREAK OUT YALL BEST 10$ SPENT! Click HERE to purchase!


This gift will probably be for Oak, xylophones are so fun and I’m looking forward to teaching him how to gently use this instrament! It will be a good change from the drums(which he loves to pound on) click HERE to purchase!

Wooden Wobbel Board

This one i’m getting for Oak, although I know all the boys will get a kick out of it! Wether its a balance board or you flip it over to be a bridge im sure the boys will be climbing all over it! Click HERE to purchase!

Kinetic Sand

This one isn’t on our Christmas list but I’m looking forward to getting it in the next year for Bear and his sensory bins! I’m going to be pairing them with little strainers like THIS and scoops like THIS. And then adding in little creatures or other elements to keep things fresh and learn new things every time we play. Click HERE to purchase the kinetic sand!

Three Wheel Scooter

The boys are all getting these from grandparents this year and I have a feeling they will be a hit! Were getting Oak and Bear the normal scooters that you can purchase by clicking HERE and Sunny will get the 3-in-1 that starts as a sit/scooter and transforms into a big kid scooter(click HERE to purchase the 3-in-1), how cool is that? Be SURE to purchase helmets or put them on your wish lists, they are important! Click HERE for a link to purchase a helmet.

Way To Play Highway Set

Im so excited to purchase this set this year for Bear! I think its so cool that they are bendy and you can take them everywhere and incorporate other toys with them like the grimms rainbow blocks or the wooden block set below. Click HERE to buy!

Wooden Block Set

We have this set and its probably hands down my favorite toy purchase to date yall. Its been fun for the boys at every age and they have taken a beating and all the blocks are still in great shape! Click HERE to buy!

Wooden Lock & Latch Boards

These are a fave amongst all the kiddos. The boys love the keys and locks and different illustrations throughout, it’s a fun little busy board that keeps the boys entertained for a while! Click HERE to purchase!

Stay tuned for a little stocking stuffer guide coming next week!


** some, not all, of these clickable links are affiliate links and if you do choose to purchase an item, a small percentage goes to me and my blog which helps support my family. I do want to make it clear that while I get a percentage, You pay NOTHING extra. Thank you so so much for supporting me by reading my content and using my affiliate links.

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