Okay y’all we’re deeeeeep into December and stocking stuffers have barely crossed my mind until yesterday. I figured I better get a list together before I blink and it’s Christmas morning. Growing up, stockings were definitely my favorite part of the whole deal, my mom would usually stuff mandarins on the bottom half and then put the fun stuff at the top(I SEE YOU MOM SAVING THAT DOUGH AND I RESPECT YOU FOR IT NOW) (the mandarins were actually a hit cause who doesn’t like mandarins?) I made a little list of amazon stocking stuffer buys and a few of (my personal faves) non toy buys that are just as good and most likely your kids probably will not hate you for. Enjoy!

Tin Kaleidoscope

These are going into my kids stockings for sure! Love that they are made out of tin and you can choose between a couple! Click HERE to purchase!

Sustainable Beeswax Crayons

A good alternative to normal crayons minus the icky ingredients. They contain no cheap fillers and no paraffin waxes and are made with 100% beeswax. I’ve already ordered these. Click HERE to purchase!

Wooden Car

These Candylab cars are SO COOL! I would buy these for older kiddos since they are on the nicer side! Click HERE to purchase!

Here’s a less expensive option I love for the smaller kiddos that still like to throw everything around! Click HERE to purchase!

Apples & Mandarins & Pears Oh My!

Seriously, are you even hack parenting correctly if you don’t fill your kids stockings with cheap space-taker-upper delicious fruit as gifts??


Love this sensory option for kiddos! We had a couple growing up and the sound is so cool! This is going into Oaks stocking. Click HERE to purchase!


Not re inventing the wheel here people, many parents have bought these as stocking stuffers before, many will continue to do so. Click HERE to purchase!

Play Doh Tools

Already have Play Doh? Get some fun tools to aid in imaginative play! This works as a big gift but I would probably take them out of the box and wrap a few individually and stick them in all the kids stockings! Click HERE to purchase!

Grasping Beads

Y’all know I’m a sucker for the Grimms wooden toys! Their wooden toys are non toxic and these grasping beads are so fun for little kiddos! Click HERE to purchase!

Carhartt Beanie

Kids like hats. Hats keep little noggins warm. Win win. I personally like Carhartt beanies but if that’s not your jam there’s tons of other options or you could make your own! Click HERE to purchase!

DIY Hot Cocoa in a Jar

Mix it up and make your own hot chocolate recipe in a little Kerr jar and let your kids cook it up themselves! It’s a fun little activity that also tastes amazing! Click HERE for a Hot Cocoa in a Jar recipe!

Egg Shakers

Another fun one for little kiddos, although my older ones like to shake em too! I like these because they are unfinished and if you want you can have the kids personalize them with some paint and glitter to make them even more fun! Click HERE to purchase!

Kids Hydroflask

Love giving water bottles as gifts, they are so practical and hydroflask is a favorite amongst our family! Click HERE to purchase!

Disposable Camera

Hands down favorite thing to give my kids(year round) I love seeing life through their perspective and they love being able to take photos by themselves! I couldn’t find a good link to buy on Amazon but you can pick them up pretty much anywhere, Target, drugstores, grocery marts & gas stations.

Non Toxic Bubbles

I really like this set of non toxic bubbles, and these come with a built in wand so it’s less messy! This is a fun little set that you can load up on and keep throughout the year for them to play with! Click HERE to purchase!

Youth Dr. Plotka Toothbrush

Another practical gift I love giving kids and I make it even more fun by wrapping it for them, it makes it more gift-like. I like Dr Plotkas because the silver embedded in this toothbrush naturally eliminates 99% of the bacteria build up on the bristles within 6 hours! Click HERE to purchase!


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that 99.99 % of kids like stickers, some too much(bear) You can add a little pocket notebook like THIS to this to let your kid sticker up to their hearts desire! Click HERE to purchase the stickers!

5$ To Spend Or To Save

Put a 5$ in the kids stocking! I like this one a lot now that Bear is at the age where he’s learning I have to actually pay for things he wants at Target so this will offer up an opportunity for him flex those independent muscles and be responsible for picking something out and paying for it all by himself.


Maybe it’s just me who loves a good pair of socks on literally any occasion, and I also like any excuse to give my kids more socks because heaven knows where they all go… I really love the brand Darn Tough especially for kids socks, they are durable and great quality! Click HERE to purchase!

** this post contains clickable links that are affiliate links and if you do choose to purchase an item, a small percentage goes to me and my blog which helps support my family. I do want to make it clear that while I get a percentage, You pay NOTHING extra. Thank you so so much for supporting me by reading my content and using my affiliate links.

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